Feb 19

The Good Samaritan

“In my little town I grew up believing God keeps his eye on us all” –  Simon and Garfunkel, “My Little Town” (1975) Monday, 8:42am—It’s a relaxing President’s Day morning, and I’m draped across my » More

Feb 11

Pearls of Asia- An Update

It took a crime of passion to teach him his passion wasn’t a crime. –  Marketing tag line from “Pearls of Asia: A Love Story” Here’s a piece of advice for all those wanna-be authors » More

Jan 29


The purpose of all major religious traditions is not to construct big temples on the outside, but to create temples of goodness and compassion inside, in our hearts. –  Tenzin Gyatso Marginal Requirements Retail I- » More

Jan 27

What’s an Indian?

If you do not raise your eyes you will think that you are the highest point. –  Antonia Porchia Marginal Requirements The Fragile Five/Emerging Markets- According to a report titled “EM Pressures Mount: Remain Cautious » More

Jan 24

How Loud Was It?

There's no place like home. There's no place like home. –  Dorothy Gale (Judy Garland), "The Wizard of Oz" Marginal Requirements Retail Spending- According to Morgan Stanley economist Ellen Zentner; 1)      Spending on recreational vehicles » More

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